SOTERIA™ Technology Unveiled

SOTERIA™  is the next step in the evolution of Apollo's range of analogue addressable fire detectors-adding another level of sophistication in fire detection. Building  on the established XP95 and Discovery ranges, Soteria™ offers advances in detection,reliability and false alarm rejection to deliver a new level of fire detection capability.

 SOTERIA™ Key Features:

  • Improved Detection
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced false alarms
  • Backwards compatible
  • Faster installation
  • Improved styling

The unique technology behind SOTERIA, known as PureLight incorporates both enhancements to the smoke entry process and the new design of the Cone sensing chamber, which together has been proven to lower the possibilities of false alarms and enhance the reliability of smoke detection.

The ‘serpentine’ designed smoke entry path provides a wide degree of separation of smoke and dust, and enables smoke to pass to the cone chamber but acts as a barrier to dust and insect ingress. This is supported by the innovative Cone technology which allows light from the LED to be entirely absorbed reducing reflections in the chamber.

Launching alongside SOTERIA is Apollo’s enhanced protocol aptly named CoreProtocol™, the next generation in fire loop communication from Apollo giving greater control and more loop power. The new protocol builds on the established capabilities of XP95 and Discovery; with forward and backwards compatibility and the ability to manage a significantly increased number of devices.